**Football Update**

Following on from Boris’ press conference, the instigation of national lockdown 2 starting Thursday will mean that all football will be suspended until lockdown ends.

This will unfortunately mean no football matches or training for at least the next month.

Obviously we actively encourage each member of the club to keep up with their exercise (running etc). Not only for when we start back up again so we can hit the ground running but also for your own mental well being.

If anyone is struggling or just wants a chat, I or anyone else in the club will be more than happy to try and help. Arbi Hasanaj is NUMFC’s dedicated Welfare sec for this year so is also a source of support.

We understand that this is a trying time especially given the uncertainty of the situation.

We would also like give our thanks and support to all the NUMFC healthcare professionals for their ongoing efforts tackling this pandemic and wish them the best. Again the club is always here if you need anything.

Adepto Adligo

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