Despite the restrictions and lockdowns it has been a very busy term for a lot of the NUMFC boys. We raised £3,282 for Movember, smashing last years total despite not being able to fundraise face to face. We worked very hard behind the scenes in order to continue to host weekly training sessions outside of lockdown as well as host a safe and successful trial. Furthermore, we continued to safely compete in the football world on 3 fronts. Our social secs and welfare sec organised a NUMFC parent scheme to help new members and freshers feel more included in the club and at University during the hardest first term a fresher could face. Our treasurer and social media sec set up a partnership with Friends of QMC this term which we're very proud of and hope to do more work with in the New Year. Let's also mention the NUMFC alumni who've been working out on the front line of the NHS during the pandemic to who we all owe a huge thank you. Although COVID-19 has stopped a lot, we're proud to say it has not yet stopped NUMFC.

The club can't wait to be able to expand training, get back to regular matches and increase the amount of football we can all play after the Xmas break. Hopefully, the New Year will also bring opportunities for small scale socials allowing some of our new faces to meet their NUMFC parents face to face. Previously, NUMFC have played across the country, run charity events and held socials that will live long in the memory of those that attended, if we can get even 10% of our normal calendar back then we'll be a very happy bunch of lads.

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